Wednesday, June 25, 2014

    This will be a short entry, unfortunately I just did not have time to write my experiences with the LOA (Living out ACTS) team from Fayetteville NC.  I will say this that they are a group of found apologist that have a real heart for the truth of God, and that his truth and word be spread to the ends of the earth.  They are lead by a very solid and passionate teacher Kevin Duffy, in whom I'm assured that these young ones will be forever changed and molded for the work of the Gospel.  They carry out their mission in a very special way, and by the results of their work they are very committed to what it is that God has called them to.  They perform dramas that portray everything from the fall of man, death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  After each drama Kevin has trained these young ones to be able to explain exactly what was being portrayed and where it is that they derive their explanation.  They seen many salivations and are a very committed team that continues to return every year with new faces, and new dramas to share the message.
    I was sad Sunday not to see this team off, I meet many people on this team that I will continue to pray for and pray that God stirs up a mighty work in their hearts.  The reason I was not able to see them off was I experienced my first battle with stomach issues in Honduras.  I have no doubt that it could have been worse, that being said it's been along time since I felt like I was going to die from pain.  I'm not sure the cause of it, although I do feel like the schedule that we had the last week was probably a factor in it.  We literally traveled from the Caribbean coast to the pacific coast in a 36 hour period.  In between we dropped a team of ten and picked up the LOA team of twenty.  Then the rest of the week traveling to a village about two hours away to minister to a high school there.  They even spent their tourist day sharing their hearts, and captured a large audience in the square of the valley of the angles.  All in all I would have to say their efforts were a complete success, very proud to have had a chance to serve along side these young apologists.  Well we are already hosting another team so I'm off to the next adventure stay tuned.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

    This week was an amazing adventure, simply the logistics of this team was a daunting task even for Sam who has been on the ground here for 15 years.  We traveled to the island of Roatan which is off the Caribbean coast of Honduras.  This is the third team in a row that we have traveled to do ministry with.  I always thought that I worked a very psychically demanding job back in the states, but I am finding that the life of a missionary might possibly be one of the most demanding jobs in the world.  There are times when you are literally exhausted when you wake up, and you just have to push threw the day and it seems that those are the days that go late into the night.  My day starts as soon as I wake up, I really fell a burden to help with breakfast.  Honestly all the meals as much as I can and serving them and cleaning up after, I am learning so much about being a servant, I witness our cook Clemy live as an example to what a real servant looks like.  She is never with out a smile, she never expects a thank you, and when she gets praise, she is extremely humble about it.  In my life I have always strived to be at the top of anything I do, to be the best at what I am doing.  I am thankful to God  that I have always started at the bottom in all those instances, and worked my way up the ladder.  I truly am at the bottom of the ladder here, and through it God is teaching me humility.  Even to the point of knowing what the Bible says about something but not being able to say it, so I literally have to live it out to be a witness.  Going away for these teams I am finding that I long to be back at the house at the end of the week, I am homesick but it is for the house in Tequcigalpa haha.
    This week I was privileged to meet ten new brothers and sisters in Christ.  They hail from First Baptist Church in Hendersonville Tennessee.  Which was funny cause I am from Hendersonville North Carolina, but from the start I was nervous cause this was our first baptist church and they were all older folks.  Those two combinations in my past have not meshed so well, being with a few tattoos and having a little different method to how I witness to folks it sometimes is hard with a group of more conservative people.  Well needless to say that barrier was crushed as soon as we boarded the bus, and one of the older women spoke up and asked to see my tattoos, then the whole group was around me observing my ink haha.  As we traveled along killing time before there next flight to the island, I found myself dead locked in a conversation with two of the men about a trip to Israel they took.  It was as if these men had known me their entire lives and really cared about sharing their journey that God had taken them on through the years.  The whole group was very interested in my journey and where I had been and how it was that God had brought me to Honduras.  I really fell like when we as a family of Christ focus on the things that make us different it really tears us apart and grieves God, but when those same people focus on what we share in common which is the love of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, we are a force that cannot be contained.
    That is exactly what took place this week when this new found family locked arms and served the creator of the universe.  We were privileged enough to once again enter a public school and have the opportunity to share the love of Christ with these kids.  I really feel like this was kinda of a stretch for some of these folks.  Our typical method is to split the classes in half and work with each half for thirty min.  Half the team does rec and teaches that in competition situations you should always be fair and work as team if you expect to come out on the other side victorious.  Also a lesson to learn is that you don't always win, but when you do you should act humble about it.  This is a great time to connect with the kids because you can get around the barrier of language, because everyone understands smiles and laughter, and when we do rec that is all it is, is a very joy filled engagement with these children.  The other half of the group remains in the class.  First we start with worship and fun music and silly games to get the kids to loosen up and see we are human and fun. Wilmer leads this time and just has an amazing gift from God that makes kids just gravitate to him it truly is amazing.  We really encourage the team to jump in and learn and lead some of the dance moves, and usually by the second day everyone is in on the fun and having a great time.  After worship the team begins the ministry aspect that they prepared for the week, and begin to build in 30 minute sessions the story of Jesus and what it means to be a Christ Follower.  At the end of the week the school invited us to a program that they had put together, they sang their national anthem, they dance, and do dramas showing how much pride they have for Honduras, and to present a letter of gratification for our willingness to come and share at their school and to partner with them to fulfill their needs.  After we have one of our staff pastors lead and invitation, then the pastors and translators ask the 67 kids this time that prayed to receive Christ what they fill like they have done, then we pass that information onto the pastor in the village to do follow up with the school and the kids.
     On top of the amazing student ministry these guys pulled off, at night they also hosted a marriage conference for anyone who wanted to attend.  We were staying in the French Harbor, at the baptist church, but like in America all the church's were on the same street.  So unlike in America they all attended the conference are people were hosting.  All in all it was really amazing to see that many people come together to learn how to make their marriages stronger.  I played witness to some very faithful people share what the bible has to say about marriage, and the roles that each sex plays in it.  The very first night over fifty couples stood up and came to the altar to pray aloud for their marriages and families.  It was simply amazing and really set the tone for the rest of the week.  Word even got out about the conference and the team was invited to come and give a one night version, at a church on the other side of the island.  God truly blessed the hands of the workers, and through their faithfulness families and marriages will be changed for ever on the island of Roatan.
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Monday, June 9, 2014

     So its week three for me here in Honduras, God has really been working like crazy in my life here.  I am really starting to see that I do not have the ability to do it all on my own.  There have been some very trying times that without the intervention of God and the Holy Spirit, I feel it would have been difficult to to remain faithful and joyful.  That being said when serving and walking in prayer and in the Spirit it always out weighs the trying times, and it seems that the lasting effect of real God given joy will always keep you lifted to a place only the God of love could bring you to.  I do have a prayer request, that is if you have not committed to a form of support, would you pray about it and allow God to reveal what He would have you do.  This life cannot be done with out the support of the saints, and if God wills it this is the life that I would desire to serve Him with.  The link for financial support is!contact/c175r this will take you directly to the support link follow directions and add my name Coy Houston Davis in the memo line, thank you for your support.
    Last week we traveled to the pacific coast to a village called El Triunfo.  We took a team of men and young men there to play baseball.  Three states were represented in these men Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. They are a ministry based around the game of baseball, they operate under the banner of Full Count Ministry.  These men are serious about there baseball, and range from coaches to high school players, but regardless they are all very serious and very good at what they do. They have been solely involved in Nicaragua the last five years, and this was there first experience in Honduras.  This specific village was very different in one way than all the other villages, and that is the focal point and largest thing in the village was not a soccer stadium, but a baseball stadium.  This village was the Honduran nerve of the countries baseball program, they had eight adult teams and even more youth teams.  That being said these guys were used to going and teaching the technical side and the rules of the game to the guys, but as we arrived after the six hour bus ride, we unpacked the bus got everything set up at base camp then drove straight to the field for them to play there first game.  2o'clock in the heat of the day in one of the hottest places I have ever been in my life, it was easily 90 degrees with 100% humidity.  Although on arrival something that really stood out to me was that the Honduran men were already there warming up and stretching, this was odd to me cause the culture is so lax, and keeping on a set time and schedule is not the common, so needless to say these guys were here to play.  As our men fell behind early I believe they were taken back by the organization and knowledge that the Hondurans played with.  The first day was a tough fought battle, but as the clouds rolled in and the heat broke our guys caught their second wind and rallied for the win.  Not sure how many of them would have admitted it, but by the looks of their wore out bodies it appeared that they had just played one of the hardest games of their life.  Although they came to play the game, it was simply just the door opener for the real purpose that these men were here for.  The real reason they were here was on display at every moment they were here, and it was a few fronts and it was very encouraging to play witness to.
    First thing they did was show up being men of Christ, these guys would wake up praying and as a team spend an hour in a devotion to God.  When they come to the field there first warm up is to circle up and pray as a team.  Now a glimpse as to what was on the other side of the baseball diamond, Sam and I had traveled there couple of weeks before to scout and setup the games to make sure they were still on board with the games.  We arrived as the guys were finishing up a game and best way to describe the environment was a keg party haha, all the guys were walking around with their own little personal pint of super special party drink.  So needless to say I doubt there was not much of a spiritual influence around this field.  That being said everyday after the game the men showed respect and would come into the mound and circle up and be lead in prayer.  As the days progressed the conversations after the games got longer, and the by the end of it the Americans were switching jerseys with the Hondurans.  In the last game Full Count men were the mixed uniform team and the Hondurans were all sporting the navy blue and white of the Full Count team.  It was a pretty awesome site to see.  On the last day the team threw a party for the guys and invited them back to the camp for a church service, I would say almost everyone showed up that had been at the games, and I would have to think that they knew what they were coming to.  As pastor Jhony Miller lead the men through what it meant to model Christ and lead their lives as men, their wives as men, their children as men, and ultimately that the village was to be ran and maintained by them as men.  As he preached I could understand what he was saying for the most part, and I found myself weeping over this group of men.  One man in specific really stood out to me in the back where I was seated.  I realized he was slummed over his chair and breathing hard, I looked at the tile floor in front of this man and realized he was crying.  The Spirit lead me to just set with this man and put my arm around him and pray for his heart.  When the time came this man was one of the first to stand to commit his life to Christ.  I would like to think next year when Full Count returns this village would be turned upside down by the Spirit of Christ brought about by these men of faith.
    Baseball was not the only thing that this team did.  They also split into two groups and went into two separate elementary schools, getting a chance to do baseball clinics with over 16,000 kids ranging from k-5.  The response from these schools was amazing, everyday more of them would come to the games bringing their families saying hey your the gringos that came to our school today.  The guys were great with the kids its really hard not to fall in love with the little ones they are so sweet and Innocent only craving love and attention.  Most of the older guys had kids around the same age so it was like a little relief for them mission their own children.  The schools being so responsive was awesome to see the teachers were all very responsive and at the end of the week they sent us off with a very special display of love.  I believe that the men of Full Count see their potential to change this village for Christ through the young ones in these schools I pray for both sides to continue to strive to maintain a relationship and build a life long friendship and partnership.
     This was a very special and eyeopening thing for me to witness.  Seeing God working through something as common as baseball was pretty awesome.  I really pray that God would continue in the lives of all the men of Full Count Ministries.  I made some new brothers in Christ this past week and was able to love on some guys that needed to be loved on all in all great week, great team, even greater God we serve.  Off to the next one please continue to follow and support the mission of my life.
     All support is appreciated as this life's work cannot be done with out God and his support through His people. Prayer support and financial support are always in need. If you are able to support financially please visit!contact/c175r this will take you directly to the support link. Simply follow the provided directions and add Coy Houston Davis in the memo line. Thank you for your support emotionally, spiritually, prayerfully, and financially.