Saturday, May 24, 2014

    So I have made it on the ground here.  I am amazed by the lack of daily life here, it is as if everyone is just kinda wondering around with no hope.  The structure here is so broken everything from the lack of traffic laws, to literally every intersection is littered with beggars and people trying to sell some sort of item ranging from a window washing to a new roof to a bug zapping tennis racket.  While trying to secure a Sim card and service for my phone I stood witness to the hardest working kid ever, he was shining shoes for 1 limp which is like a nickel and spent like 15 min on this mans shoes.
    I also started getting to see some of the behind the scene things that go on with the mission house and how much it takes to facilitate a team of people for a week.  It started with a meeting with Glenda and Clemmy the two ladies that cook and keep up the mission house.  They constructed a menu and grocery list which took an hour.  Then Sam and I traveled to three different locations to secure all the food and materials needed, and I seen how they impact this city even through that process.  We went to a place that is much like a Sams club, and as soon as we walked in there are these young men that help with finding items and bagging things that just swarmed Sam.  As soon as we filled our first two buggies the young man came right over with two more and took the others to the check out.  They also had boxes ready to go for when we checked out and brought the young lady that usually has to recheck every item over to watch them ring it all up so she then could just sign off on it. They carted it all to the truck and loaded it, but that is when I seen the blessing turn from them helping to Sam blessing them with a tip that is literally not much to us but it was a 1/4 of there daily salary.  After this I was witness to it two more times just in the process of buying the needs for the teams. This is something I see as showing Christ love and building relationships that will more than likely cause the young men and women, ask the question what exactly is it that makes these people different.  I mean that is the purpose of all this is it not to show the world the love of Christ.
    So then it began, team week.  This specific team would not be staying in the mission house so we had to have everything we needed  for them already on the bus then convoy to the airport.  Then await their arrival get them through baggage claim and customs load all their personal luggage on the bus, and feed them before we ever even leave the airport.  Then came the grueling 6 hour bus ride to the village of Yamaranguila, where the team would be staying in a mission camp on the outside of the village.  The team was lead by a Godly man and a very impressive leader.  A few words about Mark Julian, this man is a 60 year old youth leader.  now when you here that your thinking the same thing I did.  How is it that a man this age could keep up with the task of youth leadership?  Well after spending the week with this man, the question was more how has all the kids and young adults he has impacted keep up with him.  Early on I heard him say we are not bringing religion to these teens, we need to bring a relationship to them.  Which is my heartbeat, he really pushed his college age group to interact and minister to these teens.  To show them that we as Americans have real struggles and not all our lives are peaches and cream.  That even though we do not live in poverty we still are in need of an amazing savior.  The whole week I felt very welcomed by this team out of Houston Texas, and their experience working with ignite was welcomed.  Sam left after the first day to fly back to the States for his sons wedding.  I would have not had it any other way it really helped me to be thrown into the mix and make it happen.  Their is so much to the life of a missionary it really makes the scripture 1st Corinthians 9:19-23, becoming all things to all men.  I wore so many hats this last week from helping with breakfast to loading the bus to helping with the games with the teams to keeping schedule to serving lunch to motivating the teens to washing dishes to figuring out why there was no hot water..... You prob get it there is so much that happens, but it is so worth it to look in on the team and see the joy that God is filling them with by serving, being privileged enough to hear the testimonies of the team members to have them pray for me and my journey.  I was also awesome to be surrounded by like minded brothers and sisters of my age, seeing that God is moving in my generation that there are others willing to count it worth while to sell out for Jesus.  I will always remember this group and there hard work.  Their harvest for the lord was 101 teens, and we were blessed to be able to have the village pastor the last day to witness and receive the names of these teens to be able to follow up and begin the discipleship process.  I want to thank Mark and Teresa team leaders Seth and Michelle newly weds and youth pastor Conner, Peter, Jake, Ross TO TALL, Anne, Scottie, Laura, and Jordan.  They are all going to go on to amazing things for the cause of Jesus Christ.
     All support is appreciated as this life's work cannot be done with out God and his support through His people. Prayer support and financial support are always in need. If you are able to support financially please visit!contact/c175r this will take you directly to the support link. Simply follow the provided directions and add Coy Houston Davis in the memo line. Thank you for your support emotionally, spiritually, prayerfully, and financially.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

     Today want to share with you the blessings of God on this journey.  It all started back honestly before Belize or Honduras were even realities or possibilities of serving.  I knew in my heart that this year was going to be the year that I had to get out and just do it. I had been setting idol for so long and was falling back to a state of infancy spiritually speaking.  As I began to read my bible more and more I noticed that when men of God were stepping out and wanted to do the will of God they prayed, so I painted a wall in my apartment with chalkboard paint and I started day one....  This was a very challenging thing for me to do, I had never committed to pray for 40 days, but I felt it was something that had to be done if things were going to change.  I was staying the night at my place the other night with my friends that have rented my apartment, when I woke up the next morning on the couch the first thing my eyes focused on was day 9, it was probably cause it was written larger and in my typical horrible hand writing haha.  It really showed me that God has been moving so much and in turn I really felt that I need to share with you.  It stated "God if this be your will for my life, open the door to this take away all things that hold me back and settle all the things that must take place for this to happen, and I will walk through that door and I will never look back."  One of the biggest things I have been dealing with over the last few years, was trying to settle my house with my ex-wife.  We had been dead locked for almost two years back in November we finally were able to get an appraisal done on the house to see exactly what there was if anything to be fighting over.  Now notice I said November, if you have ever had an appraisal done you know its a fairly quick process to get done.  Well with that being said, we got the results back like six months later. The news was that the house was not worth even what we owed on it, with that news she said I could just have it.  So this meant that I was going to be able to start the refinance process to see if I was going to be able to get it in my name only.  So I went to the back and set down and started the process, first things first we are going to have to order and appraisal Mr. Davis, it will be $300 and its and out of pocket expense.  At this point I have already decided to go and had been trying to pay off and take care of debt so I had ran myself rather thin on the finance side of things, but it had to be done so I payed and mentioned I had only about a month left before I was leaving the States.  He agreed to try to help get it done as fast as possible but most refi take at least a month most longer.  That being said the appraiser called me that day and set up appt. for the following day.  I meet with him and showed him the property and asked him if he could get it back asap it would be awesome.  Well when he left I went and checked on the properties and my renters, I also had not been there in some time so I had large stack of mail thumbing through it I came to letter the sender was familiar to me but I was not expecting any thing from them.  I opened the envelope to find a very encouraging letter and a check for $300.  See the day after I was stressing the out of pocket expense that had not even cleared my account, God was right there providing.
     The next part of this overwhelming process was getting the news about the appraisal back.  The following Monday the back called me with the results.  The guy started it on Thursday and that Friday was Good Friday, and I had the results back Monday.  The first one took five months this one took one day.  Gods timing is not our own if that first one would have came back at any other time the realities of what I am doing would have not been a possibility.  The results of the appraisal were good, and I was going to be able to refinance it in my name no problems.  So I set down and started talking numbers with the guy. Long story short I was going to be able to get the lowest rate possible which dropped my payment, I was going to be able to include closing cost, and I was going to be able to take just a bit more above that and still keep the lowest rate.  It truly was a blessing from God and took my anxiety down about twenty notches.  I get home that night and I am crunching numbers and I discovered that with what money I had in savings and the above and beyond closing cost money, it was almost to the dollar amount of what my car payoff is which is something that I have also been stressing.
     So with all that being said see there is no real reason that I should not have been trusting God to provide.  The settlement of the house and my car were the two things that I was not placing in Gods hands and asking Him to provide the means of a way to settle them. As I sit here on a plane traveling to the place that I feel God has called me to serve, I cant help but see how faithful he has been. May 15 2014 will forever be the day that my life changed. I am from this point forward living on faith and the support of great people that are about the things God has called me to. From here I should be posting every 5-8 days as teams leave, ready for the ride!
      All support is appreciated as this life's work cannot be done with out God and his support through His people. Prayer support and financial support are always in need. If you are able to support financially please visit!contact/c175r this will take you directly to the support link. Simply follow the provided directions and add Coy Houston Davis in the memo line. Thank you for your support emotionally, spiritually, prayerfully, and financially.