Monday, September 8, 2014

Last post from Honduras

  Well this is it, my last post this year from Honduras.  It truly has been an incredible experience, truly life altering.  I wanted to share my last experience here, and the men that I served with that really brought the vision full circle.  Our last team proved to to be the team I was wanting to lead this whole season.  It was ten men working construction and five working a veterinarian team.  I must say that these men came to work, so we had scheduled four projects for the travailing construction team to do, four day worth of work to finish the Sunday school rooms at our church in Correletos, and the Vet men had four different villages to visit that we had went ahead and arranged for the men to bring their animals to a field clinic.  I lead the traveling construction guys out to our first project, it was literally straight up the side a mountain by way of a goat trail.  We were pouring a floor in a house of 8 people, and by pouring a floor I mean hand mixing about thirteen yards of concrete haha.  These men from Houston Texas were some real solid dudes and definitely not scared to get dirty and finish the job.  At the end of the day I think that we all had fulfilled what it was that God had brought us to the that house to do, and walked away felling a little more like brothers in Christ.  The next day was no different as we made footers for a home Honduran style, where you take a bed of cement lay huge rocks, then fill the large voids with smaller rocks then pour cement between it all.  Then repeat till the process is complete and you have filled the footer solid till it is level with grade.  This all took place in the blazing Honduran sun but I truly fell that it was a blessing, and we joked and laughed and the guys really started to bond with the Hondurans that were there helping us.  We left and the soon to be homeowners were truly grateful for this blessing that these men had been to them in the process of starting to build their home.  Everyday these men and myself were working to the point of exhaustion and unlike myself these men did not come from a background of construction.  Regardless of their background they were truly honoring God with their sweat and blood.  The third day was a concrete slab for another home, it was really cool this house was going to be built with this huge rock as one of the corners of it.  It was about fifteen yards of concrete hand mixed,  but before that we moved all the bags of cement, gravel, sand, and tools about 300 feet down a cow trail.  Then we had to level the ground and tamp the loose soil before pouring the slab.  This was by far the most demanding day and left all of us battered by the sun and lose of water.  The next day was to be the last and it was a roof for a family that had lost everything in a fire.  This project was not going to be an all day thing so I asked the men if they would be willing to help me with a personal project.  There is a man named Ruben that has helped me all year long on projects.  He is building a house, and God laid it on my heart to bless him with the funds that people have so generously blessed me with.  So I asked him what he needed, he said "the framing and roof" so that he could go ahead and move in and stop having to pay rent and put his money toward finishing his home.  So I went and purchased all the materials required, dropped them off and met the men finished the first roof, then went and like I told them the Holy Spirit moved, cause we framed a 18x24 roof system and roofed it in 3 hours.  Now working with my guys in the states not a big deal, but these guys like I said were not construction workers.  They were that day they allowed themselves to be the hands and feet.  That night they decided they came to work and wanted to opt out of the tourist day we take our teams on.  So the last day I found them another floor to pour and they finished in fine fashion.  I was extremely honored to have had the opportunity to lead these men.  God really revealed to me in a big way what it is that He would have me do.  This is it I have a huge vision but I believe in a big God, I truly believe that the way to reach men here is through partnering with them and improving their families living condition.  After I attend language school funding pending I will be able to communicate my heart and passion for the Lord to them as we work together,  in hopes that it will gain trust and respect to open doors to discipleable hearts.  In turn raising up leaders among the men here.  How will this be done?  Well my vision is to raise support to the point of starting at the front of a village with a team or locals and bless every family regardless of status or connection sharing the message of the love that the saints in the States have for them only requiring one thing and that is that the family must participate in the work in some form or fashion so that we do not breed a culture of handouts when the missionaries show up.  Eventually ending up at the end of village with a thriving cell of men after the heart of God wanting to change their lives and the lives of the people under their leadership, thus God will form a church from.  Little different than building a building and inviting people to it.  Here is what it will take I would like to be able to do a project everyday for 4 days a week, that is 100 projects a year at 400$ a project that's 40000$ a year.  This is the vision God has given to me after my Five months here.  Language school is first though it is a must and it is 12000$ If God is laying any of this on your heart I would love to share more in depth with you, and you can give to the link below God bless your hands.

All support is appreciated as this life's work cannot be done with out God and his support through His people. Prayer support and financial support are always in need. If you are able to support financially please visit!contact/c175r this will take you directly to the support link. Simply follow the provided directions and add Coy Houston Davis in the memo line. Thank you for your support emotionally, spiritually, prayerfully, and financially.