Friday, August 22, 2014

     Wow, finally a MIN to update and catch my breath.  We have been going none stop, fast paced for the last month and a half.  We finished our team season strong with three teams in a row, back to back with no break.  The teams were very logistically demanding.  First we had a team that did youth in the morning and a women's conference in the afternoon.  While the whole time I was heading up a construction project on the elementary school, we erected a pavilion from scratch out of steel C channel and metal roofing, then poured a 33×24 concrete slab underneath. This all took place in just five days haha.  After finishing up this team we took them to the airport and as we said goodbye we rushed downstairs to greet our next team.  This team was different from all the rest that I've worked with this year, because they were from North Carolina specifically Asheville so I did have to explain where it was I lived previous to here and we were able to chat about things we both knew.  Also mid week I was blessed by my good friends and home church through these folks, as I received Christmas in July.  I was such a blessing to receive all the gifts and uplifting and encouraging words from all the folks that have been behind me during this whole journey.  This team was also very different because they hosted a very large youth conference.  Which meant we were working nights and weekends which was completely different from what we have done all summer.  Needless to say the Lord gained the increase from the labor, as the turnout was over 100 teens for four days straight.  Just as the week before we took them and said our goodbyes and then ran downstairs to greet the last of the straight threw teams.  This was Sams home church from Louisiana.  They were also doing a youth conference, but also had a budget to do construction.  I lead the construction project, and they were blessing a man and his family that was suffering from type 2 diabetes.  This man has had both legs cut off below the knee and his kidneys have shut down.  The mans son was having to work in his fathers place to provide for the family but was doing an amazing job.  What really impressed me about the young man was he was not waiting for us to change his life situation of his families he was doing the work, like we were supposed to install windows in the home.  He had it done before we arrived.  We were able to pour the bathroom floor, form a shower pan, pour the bedroom floors and build a handicap accessible bathroom stall for him.  This was a huge blessing because his son was having to carry him to the bathroom outside.  We also plumbed his toilet and shower.  It was an awesome thing to be part of.  As we dropped the team off at the airport we also checked into security and boarded a flight but not to the USA but to Costa Rica.  I had been here 90 days and my visa had expired, also I was able to go and tour the language school I pray God will allow me to attend starting in January.  I need to break down the language barrier in order to be effective.  The school is 12,500$ for the full three semesters which will be almost a full year but this cost covers everything housing, food, and all my school needs.  Please be in prayer about what part God would have you play in this process.

All support is appreciated as this life's work cannot be done with out God and his support through His people. Prayer support and financial support are always in need. If you are able to support financially please visit!contact/c175r this will take you directly to the support link. Simply follow the provided directions and add Coy Houston Davis in the memo line. Thank you for your support emotionally, spiritually, prayerfully, and financially.

Friday, August 1, 2014

    Well that was fun while it lasted, just finished up a fourteen day straight work week.  We literaly dropped off our Buena Vista team at the airport, and then ran down stairs to greet the next team that arrived on the plane that the other team was leaving on.  This team was also a multitask team, not as big as the previous team but it did have constuction ministry team, which obviously is where I jump right in.  I was not with the team as they traveled to the two diferent schools, but I do know their work for the Lord was not in vain as they seen twenty-six professions of faith.  Very happy to have met them and greatful for their hearts and service to the Lord.  The majority of my week was spent working with some very awesome men,  there was a mix in age there was a group of older guys and also some collage age guys.  I really was greatfull for the wisdom that the older men shared with me, and I was extremly greatful for the strong backs of the young men.  The first day was a bit rough the plan for the week was to get the roof system on the Sunday school rooms on one of the Ignite churches in a village close by, and also get the concrete floor poured in both rooms.  So we get there and first thing there was already oposition, the power was out in the whole village due to a tree taking out the power line and the roof system was all metal trusses that had to be designed, cut and welded.  No power made this impossible, so we started to paint the metal with corrosive resistant paint and fired up the concrete mixer and began to pour the floor. The next day power was restored and we began the work on the metal.  We flew through it as if the Holy Spirit was guiding our every move.  We finished the original project and was able to as a porch to the front of the school rooms. With a day to spare I loaded up the young men and went and roofed a house in a very remote village.