Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Two months in.

Well I have been on the ground here in San Jose Costa Rica for almost two whole months, a life time if your trying to learn Spanish haha.  It is to the point where writing this blog is hard to do in English my brain is starting to split the two, although I have moment when I can not even remember words in English. So I guess what I'm trying to say is if your reading this and it makes no sense well I told you so.  Things are going really well, I was able to provide protection for a couple of women in a dangerous area, where drugs and prostitution run rampet. literately to the point of while we where eating dinner one of the women I was with was sitting next to a man that engaged her in conversation, I was two seats down from her, but could still hear what was being said. At first it was small talk where you from in the states and such, them these two women walked right up to the man and start talking to him. I could not make out all they where saying, but the mans Spanish was worse then mine so they had to repeat and and he was using Spanglish. Then around that time a car pulled up and a bulldog looking fellow stepped out, the girls quickly finished up exchanged numbers and went and got in the car of their pimp. The lady I was with had a look of disgust on her face and we encouraged her to stand in. They went back to conversing and he quickly made it known that he was into that life style showing her a picture on his phone of an naked women, saying this photo summed up his life. The other lady and myself where praying she would ask the question......then she did so proud of her. Do you have a daughter? Rolled right off her lips, he replied I do, she said what if a man was paying her for sex how would you feel? He replied I try not to think of it when I'm with the girls, I would rather think I am helping them by paying there bills. At that moment I'm glad this dude was not talking to me not sure I could have contained my self from beating the brakes off of him in the name of Jesus, but God had exactly who He wanted in the seat she replied if you cared so much you would help with out anything in return BOOM. I was quite the experience its amazing what darkness will do to us as humans the things we are capable of.  I just wanted to share that experience another thing that has happened I mentioned in my last post about desk and chairs to a remote village Chiripo. Well I was able to ride along and deliver the desk to the end of the road, It was such a long journey and the stuff has not even made it to the people. It was all of 16 hour day total, and we still have the task of getting it to the people in the remote village. Which is a 10 hour hike into the mountains one way, with something on your back this is literally like a national geographic stuff.  I am very excited for the opportunity. These will give you an idea of the beauty and remoteness of this place, and you can see how dark this man is not typical of Costa Ricans. He is half Costa Rican half Chiripo. He will act as one of our guides and translator, the people do not speak Spanish.

Truly was a pleasure to travel with the group that I did, was an interesting day                                 to test my Spanish I was the only Gringo there and at best on of them had about as much English as I did Spanish. Another fun little project that I have been able to do while here is bring cornhole to yet another country haha. There is a gentleman at my school that has a woodworking shop in his garage and was kind enough to let me do some wood working. Fearful I would be a bit rusty but I picked up right where I left off and still have all my fingers. So I made these for the school something to do while there and a lasting legacy of sorts. Better than other things I have left behind in other places people remember me for JK. Still got some work to be done little sanding and throw the poly to them but they should serve the purpose. Also lucked out my tica mom is an amazing seamstress so the bags came together real nice, and out of the 100 or so sets I have made this is the first time I had to go buy dry corn in a local market pretty cool experience honestly. Well another thing is that this week we are having whats called spiritual emphasis week, which is where classes are shortened a bit and we have chapel everyday, we have the blessing of a man from the US Virgin Islands as our guest speaker. His messages have really been challenging me and today I woke up at 5 with no alarm which for y'all that know me this was clearly evidence that God exist and was working, but I just met with God in His word and its something I really want to get better at. Sacrificing for things that are important like my walk with the lord. I don't have what it will take to finish this work if I do it on my own, which is what I am learning very fast. Would you in this moment right now reading this pray for me, pray for strength and the faith to lean not on my own strength and understanding. While brushing my teeth this morning I realized that someone bought that toothbrush maybe you, and the toothpaste, the soap, shampoo, deodorant, food, books, shoes....... You get it all things, honestly everything I have here is the faithfulness to what God has called people to do.  I just want to throw a HUGE THANKS to you if you are one of those people.  I want you to know your sacrifice does not go unappreciated, my classmates are thankful I could afford deodorant haah, but on a serious note next year is 10 months away, but now is when I need to start building my budget for my future work in Honduras.  I will begin to lay my needs out there in future post, but I ask in this moment would you begin to ask what part you might play in this, for these works will not go forward without you and your assistance. If you have and interest or would like to know more about what my needs are going to be fell free to email me coy@ignitemissions.org I would love the opportunity to speak with you. If you have a men's group or a desire to do a construction mission in 2016 email me the harvest is plentiful yet the labor's are few. I pray that God is moving in big ways in your life and you are being blessed for your blessing.

All support is appreciated as this life's work cannot be done with out God and his support through His people. Prayer support and financial support are always in need. If you are able to support financially please visit http://www.ignitemissions.org/#!contact/c175r this will take you directly to the support link. Simply follow the provided directions and add Coy Houston Davis in the memo line. Thank you for your support emotionally, spiritually, prayerfully, and financially.